Visual Training

Improvement of visual function begins with the utilization of basic visual skills: focusing, tracking, scanning. These skills are so natural to most of us that we do not need to practice them. Visual exercises help the visually impaired child to learn skills that we know instinctively. With the help of games and play sessions, the […]


Each ELIYA branch has at least 2 darkrooms. Trained staff members work with children with impaired vision using various visual stimuli, such as focus, color, and movement. In an environment with no external stimuli, it is possible to tailor the stimuli to the needs of each child. The darkroom is one of the means to […]

Breaker deviations

Echomodation of the lens – focusing the lens of the eye by changing the lens constellations as a result of contracting the muscles that surround it.The echomodulation of the eye lens allows the person to see sharply as he looks at different distances.When we look at a distant object, the focus of the rays on […]

סרטים מקצועיים

The basis of our activity in THEA is the understanding that vision affects all areas of development, it is the organizing sense that pushes us to connect with the environment, stimulates curiosity and through which we perceive and understand the world. In early childhood, toddlers explore their physical and human environment by virtue of curiosity […]

Artist Gabi Domi

In my training I am a crafts teacher, I have worked for many years in art therapy, special education. By necessity of budgets. Back then, I tried to take advantage of every substance around here. On one of the tours with students in the fields of Herzliya, they found a coil of metal wires, whose […]

حقوق الأطفال ذوي الإعاقة البصرية والعمى في مرحلة الطفولة المبكرة

أساس عملنا هو الفهم العميق بأن الرؤية تؤثر على جميع مجالات التطور، إنه الحس المنظم الذي يدفعنا للتواصل مع البيئة، ويحفز الفضول وندرك ونفهم العامل من خلاله. تؤثر الرؤية على القدرة الحركية والمعرفية والسلوكية. يتمتع الأطفال المصابون بالعمى أو ضعف البصر بفرص أقل للتعلم، وبسبب الإعاقة يظهرون فضول أقل ويميلون إلى أن يكونوا أكثر ثباتًا، […]

Jewish Holidays

Feast of Sukkot Join Roy and together with him they taught about the scenario of building a sukkah. Read and see what accessories are required: hammer, nails, planks, fabrics, thatch and decorations. And what sequence of actions is required for the sukkah construction scenario. A recommendation for preparing a tangible book for children is to […]

"I show them that you can live with visual impairment – and live well."

Zohar, who was born with visual impairment, did not define herself as having special needs until she began volunteering in the kindergarten of children with disabilities like hers. Today she serves as a kindergarten teacher, and is sure that her disability is an advantage: “It empowers and strengthens them to see the way I went” […]

Vision tests for preschoolers

Parents' alertness to their baby's visual behavior is important and helps identify and diagnose the visual problem early.But even if we know that there are visual impairments, all of us, parents and professionals, we would like to have a more accurate understanding of the visual impairment and a more positive note to understand how old […]