Board of Trustees

Names of members of the Board of Directors of the Elia Association:

  • Tamar Fisher – Chairman

She holds a BA in East Asian Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MA in History from Tel Aviv University.She has been a volunteer at THEA since 2012 in the field of resource development.

  • Anat Decker

Partner and manager of an engineering company engaged in the planning, management and supervision of civil engineering projects. She holds a B.A. in Geography and Eretz Israel Studies from Bar Ilan University and a DIP in Business Administration. She has extensive experience in money management, manpower and administration in multidisciplinary companies.

  • Ron Weisberg

Private businessman, director of Yishuv training companies (Vice Chairman), Yishuv Training Hotels, and more

  • Kobe Seat

Adv. With a B.A. in Economics from Tel Aviv University and an MBA
At the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya. He serves as CEO of Phoebe Holdings Ltd., the controlling shareholder of the International Bank, serves as a director of the International Bank and various companies owns and CEO of a private family company operating in the real estate and finance sectors.

  • Yuval Ozri

Owner and CEO of Sycamore, which produces conferences and events for companies.

  • Ari Schwartz

Works for Cyber Arc and is the parents’ representative on the Board of Directors starting in 2019

  • Yuri Kreisberg

Adv., partner at Yigal Arnon & Co. Law Offices. Specializes in high-tech, investments, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial activity.

  • Itamar Gabton

Adv., economist served as General Manager, Movement Instruments Group, and Deputy CEO of The Motion Instruments Group and Chief Financial Officer.

  • Chaim Shorsbard

He graduated magna laude from the Department of Economics and Accounting at Tel Aviv University in 1981 and has an Accountant’s License in Israel since 1982. In recent years, he has also served as the Finance and Resources Manager of the Deloitte Israel Group.

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