Key milestones in the development of children with visual impairment or blindness

Babies are born different from each other. Many factors affect their development, personality and future worldview. For example: genetics, the course of pregnancy and childbirth, personal temperament, the environment in which the child grew up, the parents' reactions to his needs and more.
The sense of sight is the organizing sense that pushes us to connect with the environment, stimulates curiosity and through it we perceive and understand the world. Vision affects motor, cognitive and behavioral ability, severity of visual impairment and character, are the important factors in the effect of visual impairment on development.

In order to know what we can expect from our children in their various stages of development, the main milestones in the development of children with visual impairments or blindness are attached. For the full table 
התפתחות מוטורית התפתחות שפה

The milestones were built based on several sources of information, there is not always complete agreement between different sources.

1.The Oregon project
2.Developmental Guidelines for Infants with Visual Impairments
3.Helping Children Who Are Blind
4.Children with Visual Impairments: A Parent's Guide
5.Vision: Its Development In Infant & Child

These tables should be used as guidelines and not as iron rules

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