Different aspects of knowing scenarios among children with blindness or visual impairment compared to children with normal vision

Naomi Yishai, a kindergarten teacher at the Petah Tikva branch with more than 20 years of experience, researched the subject of the scenario as part of her master’s degree studies in the “Early Childhood Education Program, Lewinsky College.”

The sense of sight is the sense that provides the most information to the brain. It is a sense designed for distances
Both near and far, and draws conclusions from the information gathered with the help of the other senses, Bishop (
Script is a score of knowledge accumulated and stored in memory as a cognitive model following experience
Repeated Perceptual-Sensory (1977 Abelson & Schank.) The scenario makes it possible to become acquainted with
An internal structure of a familiar and routine event, which includes a sequence of events, for example a clinic scenario, a day
Birth and the like (Tzur, Segal, Rom 2012.) The representation of the scenarios was created and built with the help of the various senses
of human.
The present study examined the quality of the scenario among children with significant visual impairment and children with
Total blindness in ages 6-3 compared to children with normal vision. To both populations were transferred
Assessments that represent different aspects of scenarios such as problem solving, scenario planning and item definition
Typical of the scenario.

The findings showed that the two groups that participated in the sales study had a variety of scenarios, but schemas
The scenarios of children with visual impairments are of lesser quality in various indices: in linguistic richness,
Relevant and accurate. In addition, the study revealed that much mediation was required for children with visual impairments to describe
Literally the scenario schemas.
This study is extremely significant for parents and educators working with a population of children with
Visual impairment because it can be deduced from the appropriate way of learning to complete the deficiencies that appear
In children with visual impairment in knowing the different scenarios.

To read the studyהDifferent aspects of knowing scenarios among children with blindness and visual impairment compared to children with normal vision – Naomi Yishai

Thank you to Naomi for an important research project that contributes to the continuation of significant work in Elieh Gardens.

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