Visual Training

Improvement of visual function begins with the utilization of basic visual skills: focusing, tracking, scanning. These skills are so natural to most of us that we do not need to practice them. Visual exercises help the visually impaired child to learn skills that we know instinctively. With the help of games and play sessions, the […]


Our aim at ELIYA is to help children to improve their visual acuity as much as possible, but also to help them to deal with the difficulties ensuing from their disability. At ELIYA we teach our children to learn to deal with the physical and emotional challenges that often accompany their visual impairment. One way […]

Preparation for Braille

Braille reading is taught in the first grade. Much preliminary work is required to prepare the children before they are ready to learn to read Braille. At ELIYA, this preliminary work to acquire the necessary skills begins at a very early age. The ELIYA staff works on developing various skills in order to raise the […]


Each ELIYA branch has at least 2 darkrooms. Trained staff members work with children with impaired vision using various visual stimuli, such as focus, color, and movement. In an environment with no external stimuli, it is possible to tailor the stimuli to the needs of each child. The darkroom is one of the means to […]

Improving Vision Function

Although we cannot change the sharpness of the visually impaired child’s sight, we are able to improve his visual function. The level of vision function influences the entire functional ability of the visually impaired child and it varies from person to person. The more the child learns to exploit his residual vision to the best […]

Speech Therapy

Effective communication is essential for full integration in society. Before learning to speak all children are exposed to “prelanguage” – the first step in developing communication skills. “Pre-language” for the seeing child generally involves visual experiences, such as direct eye contact, visual responses to facial expressions, and pointing at various objects. This is followed by […]

Use the AALI's Gaze Focus System

A gaze focus system is a system that allows you to control the operation of a computer and its applications by focusing the user's gaze and transmitting it across the computer screen. In order to absorb the focus of the gaze, a camera is installed under the computer screen that absorbs the user's eyes and […]


[:il]Our goal at THEA is to help the children. Help them improve their vision function, but also difficulties arising from disability. Elia's children face physical and emotional challenges that are often a byproduct of vision. Yoga that belongs to the world of body and mind deals with both. In yoga classes the children enjoy moving […]

Visual instructor

The Vision instructor at ELIYA is responsible for coordinating between the different specialists who contribute to each child’s care, Integrating different kinds of treatment into a single program. In this way, assistance with vision can help the child to progress in other spheres of his or her life that are influenced by visual functioning, in […]