Breaker deviations

Echomodation of the lens – focusing the lens of the eye by changing the lens constellations as a result of contracting the muscles that surround it.The echomodulation of the eye lens allows the person to see sharply as he looks at different distances.When we look at a distant object, the focus of the rays on […]

סרטים מקצועיים

The basis of our activity in THEA is the understanding that vision affects all areas of development, it is the organizing sense that pushes us to connect with the environment, stimulates curiosity and through which we perceive and understand the world. In early childhood, toddlers explore their physical and human environment by virtue of curiosity […]

Vision tests for preschoolers

Parents' alertness to their baby's visual behavior is important and helps identify and diagnose the visual problem early.But even if we know that there are visual impairments, all of us, parents and professionals, we would like to have a more accurate understanding of the visual impairment and a more positive note to understand how old […]

Case study

At the end of February 2020, a new baby entered the Eli'a Rehovot branch. 1 year old chronological age, 10 months standardized age. Born prematurely at 32 weeks , diagnosed with a grade 3 cerebral hematoma and cerebral venous dilation, he underwent lent surgery to drain the fluids. In the acquaintance committee held two months […]

Awareness of communication clinicians during the coronavirus pandemic

In honor of Media Clinician Awareness Week 2020, Jerusalem Clinician Team shares tips When wearing the mask and interacting with the children, the ability to understand speech is impaired. There is a reduction of visual cues such as lip reading, facial expressions and mimics. During background noises : such as a morning session or another […]

פיתוח צעצועים ומשחקים מותאמים לילדים (בגיל הרך) לקויי ראייה או עיוורים

[:il]עם הזמן הילד גדל ומתפתח, צרכיו ויכולותיו מתפתחים ומשתנים, כך שבכל פעם נתאים את צרכי הילד ופעילותו לשלב ההתפתחותי בו הוא נמצא. לקבלת חוברת מלאה והמלצות למשחקים מותאמים, הורד את הקובץ:تלפתח משחקים ומשחקים המותאמים לילדים (ילדים בגיל הרך) עם לקות ראייה או עיוורון בחוברת זו נדון בשלבי פיתוח המשחק, בשאלות לגבי הצרכים בהם משחקים עונים […]

Kolubuma (1999)

Written by: Prof. Kent Kazlo, Professional Director of the Elia Association, Developmental Optometrist. background In the fourth week of pregnancy, the eyes begin to develop in stages. In the first stage, fibers from the fetal brain are drawn forward to form what will become the eyeball. This shape is reminiscent of a cup that, over […]

Retina disease in the nipple

Written by: Prof. Kent Kazlo, Professional Director of the Elia Association, Developmental Optometrist. ROP: Retinopathy of prematurity Background (trigger or triggers) Almost all eye development ends before birth, after birth there will be continued development that depends on the response to light. This process is especially true for the retina– the inner part (the back […]