Breaker deviations

Echomodation of the lens – focusing the lens of the eye by changing the lens constellations as a result of contracting the muscles that surround it.The echomodulation of the eye lens allows the person to see sharply as he looks at different distances.When we look at a distant object, the focus of the rays on […]

Vision tests for preschoolers

Parents' alertness to their baby's visual behavior is important and helps identify and diagnose the visual problem early.But even if we know that there are visual impairments, all of us, parents and professionals, we would like to have a more accurate understanding of the visual impairment and a more positive note to understand how old […]

Case study

At the end of February 2020, a new baby entered the Eli'a Rehovot branch. 1 year old chronological age, 10 months standardized age. Born prematurely at 32 weeks , diagnosed with a grade 3 cerebral hematoma and cerebral venous dilation, he underwent lent surgery to drain the fluids. In the acquaintance committee held two months […]

Awareness of communication clinicians during the coronavirus pandemic

In honor of Media Clinician Awareness Week 2020, Jerusalem Clinician Team shares tips When wearing the mask and interacting with the children, the ability to understand speech is impaired. There is a reduction of visual cues such as lip reading, facial expressions and mimics. During background noises : such as a morning session or another […]

Integrating children with visual impairment in kindergartens

Integrating children with visual impairment in kindergartens – What should we do for a child with visual/blindness to integrate optimally? And practical tools for integration. The training is intended for educational and professional teams in kindergartens and parents whose children are preparing or integrating Led the discourse and guided Sarit Levy, national vision guide of […]

Internet training

Elia sees great importance in accessing professional information about working with children with visual impairment or blindness. We are happy to invite you parents, professional staff and educators to participate and watch our online video tussles available to watch. At your disposal are a variety of professional articles, guidebooks, study and more where you can […]

Cone-Rod Dystrophy

Genetic phenomenon- congenital hereditary. Incidence of the disease 1:40,000 births. The retina is the part of the eye that catches the light. It consists of two types of receptors, which are the cells that correspond to light and convert the image into electrical images that pass to the brain. There are 2 types of receptors: […]


Written by: Prof. Kent Kazlo, Professional Director of the Elia Association, Developmental Optometrist. Global Background Adrenals is a hereditary congenital disease, characterized by a complete or partial lack of pigment (a colored substance called melanin) that appears in the skin, hair and eyes. There are two main types of whiteness; Ocular abinism (absence of pigment […]