Artist Gabi Domi

In my training I am a crafts teacher, I have worked for many years in art therapy, special education. By necessity of budgets. Back then, I tried to take advantage of every substance around here. On one of the tours with students in the fields of Herzliya, they found a coil of metal wires, whose […]

"I show them that you can live with visual impairment – and live well."

Zohar, who was born with visual impairment, did not define herself as having special needs until she began volunteering in the kindergarten of children with disabilities like hers. Today she serves as a kindergarten teacher, and is sure that her disability is an advantage: “It empowers and strengthens them to see the way I went” […]

Stories of the Eliya Team

Zohar Rubin My name is Zohar Rubin and I am an assistant in the nursery group and the baby group at the Elia branch in Jerusalem. I am hard-sighted and immigrated to Israel from Argentina. I first came to Israel in 2007 and joined the kindergarten staff as a volunteer. I was warmly welcomed by […]

Volunteer Stories

Chen Bat Service at the Jerusalem Branch Miriam To the full letter Representatives of Strauss celebrate Purim with the children of Elia Representatives of Strauss came to the branches of The Israel Security Alya on Purim, danced and celebrated with the children, and brought many sweets with them. The kids and crews really enjoyed the […]

Parental Stories

"At eight weeks of age, we discovered that our daughter was visually impaired" Friday morning with Galit and Yoav|| Published 02/10/20 10:40mako Barak Przeman competed in "Ninja Israel 2021" and took the challenging route towards which he trained a lot, but in his personal life the new father faces a much bigger and more complex […]