See life all over again

By Hali Ben Elisha, Kindergarten Teacher at Elia When our poetry, already 13 years old, sits in class, she won’t be able to read from the board, even if she gets close to the front row. She finds it difficult to see small details, and from a distance of two meters she hardly sees anything. […]

Jewish Holidays

Feast of Sukkot Join Roy and together with him they taught about the scenario of building a sukkah. Read and see what accessories are required: hammer, nails, planks, fabrics, thatch and decorations. And what sequence of actions is required for the sukkah construction scenario. A recommendation for preparing a tangible book for children is to […]

Recommended games for iPad and computer when working with the children of Elia

  Game Name Which children are suitable for What the game develops, what works Why it's good for the children of the A.I.A. Link a game and further extension Tiny tap It can be adapted to all ages and different levels of development according to the therapeutic objectives. Through the game it is possible to […]

Vision exercise on Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is at the beginning and elia is happy to greet all the children and staff in our proximity, who are celebrating this holiday, with the blessing of Happy holiday. Easy fasting with a lot of happiness, joy and health. In honor of the holiday, we prepared special vision training for the […]

Distance learning

The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) serves nearly 11,000 students with blindness or visual impairment across Texas. From birth to age 22. The school's programs include a system of special education, education and family involvement within various communities throughout Texas and providing assistance to students, educational service centers, personal training throughout […]

Cooking with children

Playing and cooking in the kitchen can be great fun. The kitchen is a central part of the house and that's where our dishes are for cooking and eating. The kitchen is rich in fun learning opportunities even from a very young age. In the kitchen, the child learns: Explore his world through his senses […]

Vision skills and exercises that can be performed at home

The basis of our work is the deep understanding that vision affects all areas of development, it is the organizing sense that pushes us to connect with the environment, stimulates curiosity and through which we perceive and understand the world. Vision affects motor, cognitive and behavioral ability, the severity and nature of visual impairment, are […]

Games about the human body

Nikki Tekrit, occupational therapist at The Rehovot Branch, recommends several games in which the children can be taught about their bodies. Body awareness is our knowledge and awareness of our body that is taught mainly by movement and sensory experiences with the world around us. Through our sense of taste, smell, touch and hearing, we […]

Ideas for home games

Hide-and-seek objects. Hide an object when the child is not looking and he/she should be looking. According to Shelby, at first the object is visible, then 1/2 is hidden, then completely hidden. Vary in difficulty level, object color, height (above and below the child's eye level) Ball games by degree of difficulty. Roll Throw Catch […]