Vacation Schedule

Daycare Vacations Calendar – 2020-2021 Time (resched Days Gregorian date Hebrew date Comments Rosh Hashanah Friday-Sunday 18.09.20-20.09.20 29 Elul-B Tishrei   Yom Kippur Eve Sunday-Monday 27.09.20-28.09.20 9 Tishrei- Y. Tishrei   Eve of Sukkot Sukkot M.I.A. A. Simhon Torah Simhon Torah Friday Sabbath fifth Friday Sabbath 02.10.20 03.10.20 08.10.20 09.10.20 10.10.20 Yad Tishrei Tu Tishrei […]

Eliya Centers

ELIYA delivers programming to 140 children with blindness or visual impairments from the age of 6 months to 6 years, of all religious backgrounds, in five regional Day Care Centers across the country, from its first and central location in Petach Tikva, to Jerusalem, Rehovot, Beer Sheva in the south, and Kfar HaMaccabi in the […]