Mobility Allowance

*"Mobility"= Children who are limited in mobility or confined to a wheelchair, or use a wheelchair/treadmill or neurological reason or orthopedic party. ** A certificate of blindness does not automatically provide a mobility allowance. Children who are injured in the lower limbs and are limited in mobility may be entitled to a mobility benefit that […]

Parental rights

Parents whose children with disabilities have rights and benefits to which they are entitled, in various fields: Employment 1.Days of absence and hours of assistance: After a year in the workplace, each parent has the option of taking advantage of 18 sick days or accumulated vacations of their choice (in addition to the sick days […]

Education over the age of 3

Special education is a service and not a place, and therefore with the entry of the child into the education system and if his eligibility for special education services is determined, the parents can choose the framework in which he will receive these services (the "personal basket" determined for the child).   At the age […]

Social Security

Disabled Child Allowance A disabled child allowance is awarded to the family by the National Insurance Institute. Who's eligible? Children from 91 days to 18 years of age with visual impairment corresponding to one of the 2 situations: 1.Visual acuity equals or less than 606 in each of the two eyes. (In tests performed with […]

Entrance to a rehabilitation daycare center

The Elia Association operates under the "Rehabilitation Daycare Law, 5760,2000", Enacted in recognition of the necessity of early therapeutic intervention in toddlers with disabilities and the crucial importance of this treatment for the future development of the toddler, eligibility for daycare is for toddlers aged six months to three years who receive a disabled […]

Rights of children with visual impairment and blindness

עמותת אלי”ע פועלת מאז הקמתה, כבר קרוב ל 40 שנה לקידום ילדים בגיל הרך עם לקות ראייה או עיוורון, אנו מטפלים ב-למעלה מ 140 ילדים בגילאי חצי שנה ועד 6 ב 5 סניפים ברחבי הארץ: חיפה, פתח תקווה, ירושלים, רחובות ובאר שבע. אנו מעניקים תמיכה לילדי אלי”ע ומשפחותיהם בתהליך הכניסה לגן ולאחריו בוועדות ההשמה והזכאות […]