Use the AALI's Gaze Focus System

A gaze focus system is a system that allows you to control the operation of a computer and its applications by focusing the user's gaze and transmitting it across the computer screen.
In order to absorb the focus of the gaze, a camera is installed under the computer screen that absorbs the user's eyes and deciphers the position of focusing the gaze on the screen. The user's gaze must be calibrated at first to ensure that the camera does catch the user's eye.

A gaze focus system allows people with limited motor capabilities to use various computer applications ranging from writing a word file using a virtual keyboard to browsing the Web and making Watt'sApp and game calls.
One of our main objectives in the IAO is to allow each child to express himself, to communicate requests, make statements, description of experiences and more, in any way that suits him. Some of the children in the IAA have severe motor disabilities in addition to their visual impairment. This disability prevents them from using an iPad or communication board to express their desire, so the gaze focus system is an ideal solution. Using the gaze focus system, and dedicated software for preparing communication boards, the child can perform a large number of communication operations. He can call an adult to come to him. He can ask for more of something, say he doesn't want any more, he can tell at home what he did in the garden that day and vice versa etc.
The speech clinicians in the kindergarten teach the child to relate to the different symbols, understand their meaning and focus on the appropriate symbol for their need at the moment. The educational team practices the use of the gaze focus system throughout the day so that there is a learning process and there is an improvement and understanding of the cause-and-effect process, creating an experience of enjoyment and success. Another important emphasis that exists in the system is the possibility of practicing and improving vision skills and learning strategies for using all fields of vision in an experiential, innovative and varied way. The gaming system enables adjustment to the child's level and a gradual increase in the level of demand according to his abilities. It is possible to perform an objective analysis of the quality of the focus of the gaze and the field of view used by the child, allowing the staff to be impressed in real time by the child's functioning and adapt the treatment to the child's objective abilities.
As of July 2019, the system is used by children in branches of Jerusalem, Petah Tikva and Be'er Sheva.
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