Summer camps

Many ELIYA graduates, integrated into mainstream education during the year, face a problem when the summer begins: the day-camps providing activities for many children throughout Israel don’t offer a solution suited to the special needs of blind and visually impaired children.

That is why ELIYA established a summer camp for its graduates, ages 5-12.

Alongside special experiences, such as extreme sports activities and outings to entertainment facilities, the camp includes activities that are cherished by any child but have an added value for the blind child. Pool or beach activities are fun, but at the same time improve movement skills and strengthen ELIYA graduates’ confidence in the water. The experience of cooking together enables the children to have supervised activities in the kitchen, and – when concluded – to eat the results! During camp, the children go on field trips, experiment with music, arts and crafts, and no less important – meet with other children who face similar challenges and difficulties in their day-to-day lives.

The camp takes place during the month of July. The regular ELIYA professional staff is joined by additional manpower and teenage volunteers, which enables maximum safety when going on “adventures.”

Registration takes place every year during the first half of the month of June.

For camp registration please contact Iris Jonas at 03-9336840 ext. 108.

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