Spouses meetings

The ELIYA kindergarten opens its gates not only to the blind children but to their entire family as well. One of the activities dedicated to the families is sibling meetings, where brothers and sisters are invited to spend an entire day at the kindergarten.

These gatherings have a few purposes – bringing the siblings closer to their brother’s/sister’s “special kindergarten” and creating a group with a common interest, a reference group that does not exist in their day-to-day life.

Every year the content of these meetings is determined according to the composition of the children. In order to create interesting and challenging activities for children of different ages, the groups consist of children in the same age group. The activity takes place on vacation days as scheduled by the Ministry of Education, when the special kindergarten is operating but the siblings are out of school.

During the day the siblings participate in fun activities as a group, as well as joint activities with their brother/sister. All gatherings are conducted by social workers.

The meetings are highly anticipated by the siblings and receive full cooperation from the parents. The feedback received regarding the content of the activities and the achievement of goals at the end of the gatherings are always very positive.

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