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[:il]A child with normal vision meets letters and writes many times in everyday life, long before he learns to read and write, and the environment encourages his curiosity: "What does it say?" . On the other hand, a child with blindness/ with visual impairment does not receive this information. For the child with blindness, an Oriental environment does not develop naturally. Braille is not met at random, so it is necessary to develop systematic and structured braille literacy in the child with blindness.

The vision is to enable children with blindness to learn the Braille language in an orderly and systematic process, thereby allowing them to live more independent lives and personal well-being. To this end, an "appreciation for braille readiness for preschoolers" was developed.

The purpose of the assessment is to evaluate and develop the child's abilities in the areas required for Braille, as an infrastructure for determining intervention goals and a multi-professional work plan. Enables the ability to reassess and test progress and provides a sense of security in the process, to the point of studying braille and encourages the development of an Oriental environment.

The kit was developed for children without functional vision for reading and writing purposes.

The Braille Preschool Readiness Program provides a necessary and unique solution as part of the expected developmental components.

Currently in Ganei Elia, the assessment is implemented while monitoring accompaniment and guidance. You can see the change both in the short term in re-evaluations and in the long term.


Thanks to "Aaa – Home for Hebrew Typography", you are invited to download the free braille font for commercial and private use.


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Braille reading is taught in the first grade. Much preliminary work is required to prepare the children before they are ready to learn to read Braille. At ELIYA, this preliminary work to acquire the necessary skills begins at a very early age.

The ELIYA staff works on developing various skills in order to raise the child's phonological awareness and story sequence. In addition, games are available that develop required skills, such as working with both hands, developing sensitive touch, page orientation, touch and feel books, etc.

By first grade, ELIYA children know how to read their names and additional basic words, based on the ability and readiness of each individual child.

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