Massage and Shiatshu


Massage is beneficial for all, body and soul. Awareness and appreciation of our body come even before integration into society at large. Through positive and soothing physical means, the masseur/masseuse reinforces our positive body image.
At ELIYA we implement massage in order to increase the child’s need for touch, recognition of physical boundaries, stimulating an appreciation of the body and the outside world, and developing trust in others. The massage session is conducted by experienced professionals, is individually tailored for each child, and takes place in a pleasant room accompanied by soothing music.


“The heart of Shiatsu is the heart of the mother”   Namikoshi, Shiatsu Master

Shiatsu is a type of massage that synthesizes Western principles of anatomy and physiology with the Oriental principle of energy flow (chi). Shiatsu is based on the premise of massaging pressure points all over the body, energy can flow freely through the body and find its natural way. This form of massage is another way of strengthening the child’s body and self-image and leads to an improvement in cognitive ability (memory, ability to pay attention, and learning). Most children enjoy and very much benefit from Shiatsu massage, the calm and relaxing atmosphere, the gentle touch, and the feeling of being cosseted and refreshed. Through massage by trained Shiatsu therapists at ELIYA, the children gain trust in the other and learn to appreciate positive physical contact within acceptable boundaries.


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