Art therapy

The child’s natural language plays and arts & crafts, his images language, and his imaginary world are reach and active. At the stage when the child is having difficulties verbally express his feelings; the “products” speak on his behalf. The creation of materials promotes the emotional process. The Child experiences and processes in his own way his experiences and the emotions linked to these experiences, and that is the essence of the therapeutic process.

Work Plan:

The target audience is 20 blind and visually impaired children, ages 3-6 years old.

The instructor has a Masters degree in art therapy from Lesley College

Method of activity: There are 2 groups of 10 children each. The work is on an individual basis, and takes place once a week, and is fitted to the individual program of each of the children.

Including the parents:

Using materials: there is a variety of materials being used during this activity, arts and crafts materials, dough, colors, clay, musical instruments, and much more. The request does not include the cost of the materials.

Measuring the success of the project

Before starting the therapy, each child is evaluated by the teacher and art therapist, the evaluation includes the child’s emotional needs. The therapeutic goals are set in light of the evaluation.

The parents are informed regarding the program’s goals for their child and receive appropriate guidance.

The treatment is individual and after 5-6 meetings, there is an evaluation session together with the family therapist, the art therapist, and the parents in order to examine and follow up on the achievement of the goals.

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