Step 4: Continue the process vis-à-vis the welfare authorities

In the previous stage, the Expert Committee recommended that your child be suitable for a rehabilitation center specializing in vision and forwarded this recommendation to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services as well.
Now, if you haven't opened a case at the welfare office where you live yet, now's the time. We will guide and assist you at this time as well.
The social worker appointed to you at the local welfare office will take the documents you have and the recommendations of our expert committee and submit to the Regional Welfare Supervisory Office.
The procedure is slightly different for children aged 0-3 and children aged 3-6.
Either way, after the appropriate procedure at the Welfare Office, we will receive permission for the child to come to a rehabilitation daycare center specializing in vision.
At this stage, we at THEA are addressing and regulating procedural issues with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services in Jerusalem. Elia as an intern for children with blindness or visual impairment contacts the Rehabilitation Services Division, the Blind Service (this service also treats people with visual impairment and not only people with full blindness).

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