Eliya is not the most suitable framework for the child

Sometimes it happens that we find that ELA is not the most suitable framework for the child.
For example

  • There are cases in which the child has a number of challenges besides the subject of vision and vision is not the main challenge that the child has to face. Therefore, a rehabilitation center specializing in vision is not the most suitable framework. In this case, we will recommend the daycare center that best suits your child's needs. However, in order not to neglect the subject of vision, we will recommend that we refer you to the appropriate body that will provide guidance in the field of vision, whether within the framework of the other daycare center or in your home.
  • Your child is over the age of 6 and therefore is not suitable for elia gardens.
  • The Rehabilitation Daycare Law applies to children from the age of six months. Therefore, if your baby is less than six months old, he still cannot enter the rehabilitation center. However, in this case, it is very important that you do come to the acquaintance committee and we will refer you to the group of babies and parents operating in the IAAF and when the baby reaches the age of six months we will be able to integrate him into the daycare center. That way, your baby can get professional treatment right now.
  • Elia centers are regional centers and serve an extensive geographical radius. However, there are communities that are very long traveled (for example if you live in Eilat and the nearest center to you is in Beersheba, this is an unlikely travel period). Therefore, we will recommend a rehabilitation center that is closer to where you live even if it does not specialize in the field of vision.
  • If your child's visual impairment is very small and is suitable for integration in a normal setting, we may recommend that we recommend that you go to another committee later on, only to ensure that the child's condition does not worsen. (We remind you – the committee is free of charge).

It is important to note that if you have received a recommendation that your child is not suitable for integration into the A.L.A., but his condition has changed, or you have received a different or additional medical diagnosis, you can always contact us and be invited to another committee free of charge.

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