Tailored games for children with visual impairment or blindness

Elia sees great importance in promoting toddlers and children with visual impairment or blindness and making the games accessible to them to encourage participation, independence, personal development and enjoyment.
Over time, the toddler grows and develops and accordingly his needs and abilities change, so that each time, we will adapt the needs of the toddler's game and activity to the developmental stage in which he is located.
For the full booklet and recommendations for adapted games download the file: Development of game and games adapted for children (early childhood) with visual impairment or blindness 
In the bookle
we will refer to the stages of game development, questions about what need the games meet, what their contribution to the development of the baby is, the types of games recommended for children and the baby with visual impairment or blindness.

Their importance for the baby or toddler with the visual impairment, and how we parents and professionals can help them get the most pleasure and learning from the games.
Puzzles and shape matching games
It i
s important to choose a puzzle suitable for children with visual impairment, adjustments in color, size, contours of the shape are highlighted, rest to hold the attached handle and try to fit the place.

The various shapes are scattered in a large area, requiring the toddler to perform a scan in a larger area on the sides.

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