Studies professional training at The Elia Association

[:il]The purpose of the study is to enable the general public and members of the Elia team to learn and know the common visual impairments, the effects of disability on the child's development, as well as the main methods and practices with children with visual impairment or blindness.
The study was developed based on professional knowledge and practical experience accumulated in the ALY.

The chapters in Lomda:
– Stages of vision system development.
– Eye anatomy and common visual impairments.
– Consequences of impairment on functioning and tools applications for rehabilitative work with children with visual impairment.
– Labor and safety rules in gan Elia.

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The study was developed in collaboration with THEIT Holon Institute of Technology.Special thanks to Natasha Kraskin for her contribution to the development of the training student to the A.I.P. with great professionalism, patience and caring.

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