Awareness of communication clinicians during the coronavirus pandemic

In honor of Media Clinician Awareness Week 2020, Jerusalem Clinician Team shares tips

When wearing the mask and interacting with the children, the ability to understand speech is impaired.
There is a reduction of visual cues such as lip reading, facial expressions and mimics.
During background noises : such as a morning session or another discourse between people understanding speech and perceptions of speech is more difficult, so it is difficult to understand each other.

Some tips to help us get through the coming period:
● Slowing the rate of speech
● Discourse in turns without one outbreak according to each other
● Reduction of background noise – such as: turn off background music
● Highlighting facial expressions: such as eyes
● It is worth keeping the voice, so there is no need to shout!
● Children who wear hearing aids – make sure they make up every day and all day!
● Try to send a short and clear message – do not make unnecessary text!

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