Artist Gabi Domi

In my training I am a crafts teacher, I have worked for many years in art therapy, special education.
By necessity of budgets. Back then, I tried to take advantage of every substance around here.
On one of the tours with students in the fields of Herzliya, they found a coil of metal wires, whose tendons were used by us to make creative sculptures.
Over the years, I’ve collected scraps of metal wires nearby.
Ever since dear David left me here alone, I’ve been dealing with hours of loneliness, and out of sadness and pain comes the burst of creation.
The material sounds to emotion, mood and when the piece is perfect the heart fills with satisfaction and pleasure and I have more powers for the next day.

To purchase the works you can call or send a message 054-8210880
Price List :
Pin/Ring – 70 NIS
Small piece – 100 NIS
Creating a Benoit – 250 NIS
Large piece – 300 NIS

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