Jewish Holidays

Feast of Sukkot
Join Roy and together with him they taught about the scenario of building a sukkah. Read and see what accessories are required: hammer, nails, planks, fabrics, thatch and decorations. And what sequence of actions is required for the sukkah construction scenario. A recommendation for preparing a tangible book for children is to print the story, bind the film and paste some tangible materials on the accessories that the story prepares for the Sukkah. Such as: popsicle sticks or branches for the benefit of planks, fabric for the walls of the sukkah, pedestals to illustrate the thatch and a paper necklace to decorate the sukkah.

Reading books together in early childhood is especially important for cognitive development, language, communication and just as important is the positive emotional experience between the child and the parent.
Story: Roy Boneh Sukkah

Rosh Hashanah
is a presentation on practicing vision function on Rosh Hashanah. The presentation is adapted for the children of nurseries and education and enables in an experiential and enjoyable way, in an environment familiar with family members, to practice important skills to improve vision function and to repeat the holiday concepts learned in kindergarten.
In the presentation, the children will experience identifying and decoding photos about the holiday, scanning and identifying familiar items in a busy image (multi-item), adapting an image to an image, identifying colors, drawing a line between one object and another to improve hand eye coordination, and more. So go ahead to the craft and quality time at leisure with the whole family😀
Rosh Hashanah

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