Ideas for home games

Hide-and-seek objects.
Hide an object when the child is not looking and he/she should be looking. According to Shelby, at first the object is visible, then 1/2 is hidden, then completely hidden.

  • Vary in difficulty level, object color, height (above and below the child's eye level)

Ball games by degree of difficulty.

  • Roll
  • Throw
  • Catch (you can add text: prepare before delivery, say toss and count 3 – 4 – 6)..
  • Throwing to the basket at an increasing distance (start very close)
  • Kick

Bowling game- create a bowling game from 1.5 L bottles (filled with water, you can turn
Creative activity – paint the bottles, paste stickers and more)

  • Let the kids tidy up, walk between the bottles without dropping, dropping with a ball, collecting as long as the bottles are in the crate or basket.

Bimba / Bicycle – Go with the children to the playground while you can.
Wire network – create a wire network in the hallway that needs to be crossed.

Imitating movements– 1 makes a movement and the rest imitates it.
Sea-land- mark line (broom stick, jump rope, colored duct tape)
One side is sea and the other is dry when you say sea, you have to move to the side of the sea, when you say land, to go to the side of the land, when you say one leg on each side. You can cross the sea and land by jump or step.
Long jump – from the line we marked to jump as far as possible and mark where we got to and next time try to jump further.
Build a route from what's in the house.

  • Climb on – stool, chair, small table.
  • Crawl under a table, chair.
  • Get into a crate, a basket.
  • Jump over – broom stick, nod of greeting, rope, line marked with colored duct tape.
  • Equilibrium – go for a pillow, mattress, thick blanket.
  • Walk along the line – broom stick, jump rope, colored duct tape.
  • Change direction in orbit.
  • Do a task as you go — for example, puzzle pieces on one side and the puzzle board on the other.
  • Let the kids plan the route and also return to the place (to show that you can collaborate when the objects are large).

Dancing – put on music and dance
Standing hands on the wall, helping and supervising.


  • Walk on your fingers
  • Go for the heels
  • Crawling on the stomach
  • Crawl on 6
  • Walking on 4 (Bear Walk)
  • Running (in a safe place)
  • Walking backwards
  • Walk Sideways (Step-Close)

  • Big steps
  • Steps on a straight line (heel-fingers)
  • Jumping
  • Wheelbarrow walks

* Mark lines and advance in the way you choose between them or choose each time a place or furniture in the house to which you advance in the selected shape.

  • Climbing a ladder – if there is a ladder at home to climb the ladder when keeping a close eye.

BZ YR and T!!
One stands on one side of the room and the rest on the other side, one says face to wall 1 – 2 – 3 salted fish, which he says the rest try to get as close to him as possible and when he finishes and turns towards the rest, they should stand immediately and not move.
The sculpture game is similar to a saltfish with music, with the music playing moving/walking/running and when the music stops everyone stops like statues.

Wish you a lot of health, play and enjoyment in motion!
We would love for you to share with us the various activities you have done and created. Welcome, Physiotherapy Team – Gan Elia, Petah Tikva

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