Games (game)

In the afternoon, the parents go down with the children to the neighborhood garden, the children run around, get on the facilities and enjoy playing with each other. For a child who does not see it is not the safest environment. The child may be hit by the swing he does not see, fall into the lowered sandbox – the environment that is so natural and protected for other children is not safe for him.
In the Jerusalem branch, once a week, there is a games, one that is precisely suited to the needs of the children of Eliya. As a first step is an environment that the child knows well and move around with ease and confidence, it is his garden, his territory. All facilities and toys are suitable for children with blindness or visual impairment.

To this territory of the Children of Elia, we invite the families, brothers and parents in the afternoon. Here the child is in the position of power, he shows the family the special games and the different environments of the game. The activity is a guided activity and is conducted in cooperation with the Elia team, the social worker and the health professions team.
The activity takes place in three work environments: in the darkroom, in Snozlan and free and creative activity in the garden. The tailored therapeutic environments, the dark and snooty room, are also magical and enjoyable for siblings and families – for them these are special and other environments.
We ask families to register for the activity in advance, so that we can tailor an experiential activity that is precisely tailored to the child’s needs and needs as a family.
In the fun atmosphere of the afternoon game, we can show the parents and guide them on how to play and adapt games at home to the needs of the children of Elia. The special atmosphere of the game emphasizes the child’s abilities, allowing him to lead a game in his natural and safe environment.
In addition, the combination of several families at the same time enables the form of friendships and connections between the families. Sometimes, the game between children you see, who do not understand the difficulties faced by children who do not see, to the children of Elia, can be challenging. Therefore, establishing a friendship relationship between the families that will enable joint games outside of school hours can benefit the children of elia.
So many advantages, so much fun – what are you waiting for? Go play…..
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