Recommended games for iPad and computer when working with the children of Elia


Game Name Which children are suitable for What the game develops, what works Why it's good for the children of the A.I.A. Link a game and further extension
Tiny tap It can be adapted to all ages and different levels of development according to the therapeutic objectives. Through the game it is possible to restore situations, items and actions and thus expand relevant world knowledge and vocabulary. The game allows you to click on hotspots and insert games and interactivity to emphasize the target words and increase the motivation and interest in the game and the subject. It is also possible to use the pictures of the children performing various actions and the same way to bring interest and help restore the process Suitable for Eli's children who do not see all the details in different situations (outside, for example, when blinding, missing nouns and actions in different scenarios, etc.)

Izzy Shapira Games and Apps Repository Children with Special Needs The use and adaptation of visually impaired children is very dependent on the functioning of each child and I think there should be a specific consultation with the vision guide for each patient
Eye movement training Early childhood Work on visual functions It is possible to change the background of speed and tasks according to the functions of the vision and their level.
You can change the color of the area and the appearance of the object.
Object speed and size are adjustable.
Only suitable for an iPad or iPhone.
Tap n see now Children with Cortical Vision-CVI Work on visual functions especially for CVI children
Simple to use and operate, use colors and images, work on cause and effect.
You can play a rewarding sound so you get a combination of visual feedback and audio. You can change the background color, the color of the animals, the speed or size of the animals or the sound of reward. Only suitable for an iPad or iPhone.
Balloon pop- Early childhood A classic balloon bouncy game for kids, with colorful graphics, animals and various backgrounds.
Practice hand-eye tracking and coordination
The speed and size of the balloons can be adjusted to the skill level of the baby or child.

Baby Visual Stimulation Lite Can be suitable for babies or children with CVI Practice for visual stimulation and follow-up. Use black-and-white or high contrast stripes and shapes.
Includes black and white, black and white and red and colorful images.
The possibility of music evokes a 100%.
Only suitable for an iPad or iPhone.
Infant Zoo Babies or young children with visual impairment Practice for visual stimulation High-contrast colors.
Simple illustrations with high contrast, sounds of stimulating animals, animations and evocative "bubbles"
Only suitable for an iPad or iPhone.
Color Dots Early childhood Works on response time, developing tracking skills, hand eye coordination, time Strong and evocative colors
Light Box Multi-age Makes the screen lit up like a light desk You can play a variety of games with your children on the screen and enjoy a light projection that comes from below like a light table. In addition, the lighting of the room can be darkened.
For example, a tower of cubes, sorting magnetic objects, etc.
Liquid Touch Babies or young children with visual impairment Work on vision skills, hand eye coordination, surveillance.
We'll get to/apply the colors on the screen to create visual effects.
Even without contact, the colors move.
You can add sound effects when touching the screen.
Only suitable for an iPad or iPhone.
Visual stimulation, working on vision skills. And there is a high contrast to images, black and white, black and red, using simple shapes. You can easily change pictures

Onni & Ilona: Happy Animals Babies or young children with visual impairment Work on vision skills, visual stimulation Specifically designed to support early vision development in infants aged 0-12 months. A selection of 12 adorable animals are animated in fun ways and provide endless pleasure, curiosity and tranquility for both babies and adult babies. Babies respond the most to strong contrasts, simple shapes and joyful expressions.

Heat Pad – Relaxing Heat Sensitive Surface Babies or young children with visual impairment Work on vision skills, visual stimulation. Simulates heat-sensitive surfaces that respond to the heat of fingertips. Strong, contrasting colors.
You can play with the colors that respond to the touch of the hands so that they are replaced by rainbow colors, metallic suedes, luminous colors and more
Only suitable for an iPad or iPhone.


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