National Service Sons/Daughters

Members of the National Service are an integral part of the ALY team.
Working with the children in kindergarten includes:

  • Giving love and a sense of security to a child.
  • Taking a central part in ongoing treatments with the children.
  • Receiving guidance in vision therapies, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy and applying individual treatments with the children.
  • Understanding the needs of a child with visual impairment and adapting the environment for him.
  • Teamwork.
  • Concern for the child's basic needs and physical safety.
  • Creating an atmosphere in the garden during holidays and events.

On our part, we will bring you into the world of children with blindness, their world recognition of people with visual impairments.
If you are looking for meaningful and satisfying service and have love and connection to children
You belong with us.

Contact us:

  • Petah Tikva 03-9336840 Extension 100
  • Beer Sheva 08-6270971
  • Jerusalem 02-5639164
  • Rehovot 03-9336840 Extension 100
  • Kibbutz Kfar Maccabi 04-8602731


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