Social Security – why me?

Social Security is the short and fast way to get to a rehabilitation day care center. Furthermore, Social Security opens the door to additional services that your child deserves and is entitled to.
A child up to 1 year of age who is not recognized by the National Insurance Institute cannot enter a rehabilitation daycare center. (This, of course, does not impair his ability to start a program for parents and babies in THEA) (Link).
After the age of one year, if the child is not recognized by the National Insurance Institute, he must go to exceptional committees of the Ministry of Social Affairs. Exception committees are conducted with little frequency and as such they are intended for exceptions. Therefore, it is more difficult to obtain their approval.
Therefore, we recommend at the same time that we contact us to contact the National Insurance Institute as well. Just as importantly, bureaucracy as in the treatment bureaucracy takes time and we don't want it to be at the expense of your child's treatment time.
Although we recommend contacting Social Security at the same time as contacting us, if you do not want to contact the National Insurance Institute anyway, or even if you have contacted and rejected, you are still welcome to contact us, we will help you as best we can either way.

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