Fracture deviations

Lens accommodation Accommodation – Focusing the lens of the eye by changing the curvature of the lens as a result of the contraction of the muscles that surround it. Accommodation of the lens of the eye allows a person to see sharply when looking at different distances. Relative.But when we look at a close object, […]

Adaptation process in Elia Kindergarten

Article by Sarit Levy – National Vision Instructor, Elia Association The absorption of a child in kindergarten is a delicate task, which requires emotional investment and planning from both the child's parents and the kindergarten staff. The child arrives at a new kindergarten with all that entails – acquaintance with the kindergarten and assistant staff, […]

Moving from routine to vacation

Article by Sarit Levy – National Vision Instructor, Elia Association Throughout the year, the children went to kindergarten and attended an educational setting that provided routine and permanence, enabled confidence, stability, growth and development. Now, we are standing a moment before going on vacation and it is important that we understand and relate to the […]

Active learning

Written by Sarit Levy, Elia's National Vision Instructor, according to Dr. Lily Nielsen – Lilli Nielsen Active learning is a learning method developed by Mrs. Dr. Lily Nielsen. Its purpose is to enable the child to learn from his own activities, through a process of reviewing, exploring, feedbacking and comparing objects from the immediate and […]

Recommended games for toddlers with visual impairments

Elia considers it very important to encourage children to be independent and to provide confidence and a sense of ability, which will provide children in the future and in adulthood with a better ability to cope. . Adapting the living environment and the educational and therapeutic space is essential for the advancement of children with […]


Sitting on the couch and reading a book together with the children, for most of us it is a normal and everyday experience. Not for ELIA children and their families. Children with visual impairments or blindness have difficulty and sometimes simply cannot enjoy a number in the same way that children see can. We do […]

Towards Seder night

A letter to parents written by Ganit Shaked, a visually impaired social worker from Rehovot. Each of us has different experiences and memories from Seder night in his childhood. Some remember it as a family and pleasant experience and some remember a tense and even jarring atmosphere. As parents we have a significant role in […]

On the road to independence

Good article by Lerner, social worker, manager of the Jerusalem branch When I think of the word independence, I think of all the children of Elijah. Each and every one of the brave children, strives every day to achieve a little more independence, each in his own unique way. I chose to share about the […]

The artist Gabi Hadomi

In my training I am a craft teacher, I worked for many years in art therapy, in special education. Out of budget necessity .. In those days, I tried to take advantage of any material that was around. On one of the tours with students in the fields of Herzliya, they found a coil of […]

תיווך ולמידה בבית

מאת שרית לוי, מדריכת ראייה ארצית באלי"ע הראייה משפיעה על כל תחומי ההתפתחות. היא החוש המארגן שדוחף אותנו לקשר עם הסביבה, מגרה את הסקרנות ודרכו אנו קולטים ומבינים את העולם. ידע ויכולות רבות נלמדות מתוך הקשר, וההתפתחות במגוון תחומים מבוססת על חיקוי ואימון. בעוד שילדים רואים יכולים להתאים עצמם לסביבה ולהסיק מראייה ושמיעה בו זמנית, […]