Recommended games for toddlers with visual impairments

Elia considers it very important to encourage children to be independent and to provide confidence and a sense of ability, which will provide children in the future and in adulthood with a better ability to cope. .
Adapting the living environment and the educational and therapeutic space is essential for the advancement of children with blindness or visual impairment, we invite and encourage the children, for inquiry, curiosity, and participation in daily life. In this way the child actually acquires new skills and abilities and we allow him to develop and learn.
Over time the toddler grows and develops and accordingly his needs and abilities develop and change, so that each time, we will adjust the toddler’s play and activity needs to the developmental stage he is in.
Elia, in collaboration with the Migdal-Or Rehabilitation Center, wrote recommendations for adapted games
For the full article and recommendations for more games, download the file: Recommended games for toddlers with visual impairments
In this article we will address the questions about what need the games meet, what is their contribution to the baby’s development,

Recommended types of games for children and infants with visual impairment or blindness.
Their importance to the infant or toddler with visual impairment, and how we parents can help them get the most out of learning and learning from the games.
Puzzles and shape-matching games
It is important to choose a puzzle adapted for children with visual impairments, color, size adjustments, the contours of the shape are highlighted, rest easy to hold the attached handle and try to fit the place.

The various shapes are scattered over a large area, requiring the toddler to perform a scan over a larger area on the sides.

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