Eliya’s Daycare programs take place at Eliya’s 3 centers : Petach Tikva Jerusalem Beer Sheva  

Family Vacation


The summer vacation brings with it several challenges to families with blind and visually impaired children. Planning a suitable vacation is one of these challenges. ELIYA is well aware of the need for a relaxing and unifying vacation and therefore …



Our need to move is ingrained, just like the need for food and love. Sight is the main  element in our motivation to move: a baby raises his head to see his mother’s face, he reaches out to a toy and then he …

Summer Camps


Many ELIYA graduates, integrated into mainstream education during the year, face a problem when the summer begins: the day-camps providing activities for many children throughout Israel don’t offer a solution suited to the special needs of blind and visually impaired children. That is why …

Speech Therapy

קלינאות תקשורת

Parents and Babies


Background: The program for parents and babies in ELIYA-PETAH TIKVA started many years ago as a  response to the need for early intervention among infants under one year old with vision loss and in some cases also with developmental delay. In ELIYA there …

Improving Vision Function


We are able to improve the vision function of the visually impaired child although we are not able to change the sharpness of his sight. The level of vision function influences the entire functional ability of the visually impaired child …

Music Therapy


“Music does not represent life: it is life (Charles Abes) Music is an art that enables expression, connection and communication. Music therapy is a methodical process of intervention, based on the use of musical experiences in the framework of the …



Hydrotherapy treatment is a rehabilitating water therapy. This therapy uses the water’s characteristics such as – floatation, resistance, hydrostatic pressure, streams and heat convection to treat different problems. The water characteristics are used to strengthen the muscle power using resistance, …

“Etgarim” Association Activity


The “ETGARIM” association’s activities for the children of ELIYA Blind and visually impaired children often suffer from developmental delays due to their disability. These delays lead to low self esteem, a tendency to stay in one place and fear experimenting …

Massage and Shiatsu

עיסוי ושיאצו

Evaluation and Guidance

הערכה והדרכה

Throughout the years ELIYA has been treating many children with complex development issues and visually impairment. The professional team at ELIYA found that the main cause for visually impairment among the children was brain damage, as opposed to ocular damage. …

Orientation and Mobility Group


Visually impaired and blind infants suffer from delayed motor development due to the following causes: Lack of interest in the surroundings which they don’t see and are not aware of. Anxiety and fear of investigating the surroundings that they perceive …

Animal assisted Therapy

תרפיה באמצעות בעלי חיים1

Animals are an in separate part of our lives, whether one loves them or fears them, helps them or hurts them, children cannot feel indifferent to them. The contact with animals enables easy and intuitive communication that relies on emotions, …

Art Therapy


The project rational: The child’s natural language is play and arts & crafts, his images language and his imaginary world are reach and active. At the stage when the child is having difficulties to verbally express his feelings; the “products” …

Occupational Therapy

ריפוי בעיסוק

Occupational therapy is a profession that assists children with physical, developmental or behavioral disabilities, to acquire higher ability for carrying out significant daily activities.  Occupational therapy’s goal is to help the child to function independently as much as possible in …

Technological accessibility




The Snoezelen is a therapy room. The room includes mattresses, lights, sensations and sounds. Through multi-senses stimulation that is tailored according to the will, need and ability of each child, it is possible to influence different developmental fields. The Snoezelen …

Spouses meetings

מפגש אחים

The ELIYA kindergarten opens its gates not only to the blind children but to their entire family as well. One of the activities dedicated to the families is siblings (brothers and sisters) meetings. The siblings are invited to spend an …

Climbing Wall


In the Senso-Motor room there is a climbing wall. Its purpose is to improve the planning of movement and coordination, balance, physical strength and improving of motor skills. The climbing gives a sense of self confidence and an experience of …

Guide Dogs


Motion Class


For us from us


Junk Yard – southern Branch, Beer Sheva “The Junk Yard” is a program that enables the children to experience a variety sense-motor activities and independent learning through trial and error. In the Junk Yard, the children develop their playing skills …

Graduates Parents


Rehabilitation Guidance

הדרכה שיקומית

The purpose of rehabilitation guidance is to provide individuals with specific techniques to minimize the effect of the loss of sight on their life style, to promote their independence and their social integration. A blind or visually impaired person, from childhood …

Bicycle Riding


Using the Bicycle for Treating Handicapped Children Bicycle riding has both health and social advantages for most people. It constitutes a physical aerobic activity that engages large muscle groups using something that is readily available from childhood up through old …

Dark Room

חדר חושך2

Each ELIYA branch has at least 2 darkrooms. Trained staff members work with children with impaired vision in order to call up any number of the various visual stimuli (such as power, focus, color, movement. In an environment with no …

Preparation for Braille


Braille reading is taught in the First Grade. Much preliminary work is required to prepare the children before they are ready to learn to read Braille. At ELIYA, this preliminary work to acquire the necessary skills begins at a very …

Supported Projects